Match your stone Complete the Pour Matt or Gloss      
  ... to resin type. For brown, gold, grey and black use Amber resin and for white and light, use Clear. ..once the stone is in place and dry, pour the resin over the surface and leave to dry. ...if you would like the stone to return to a dry, matt finish you are done. For a gloss finish you will need to roll a gloss coat.
Why Choose Pouron

Sick and tired of loose gravel but love the natural look it creates? Don't give up on your design dream - just use Pour On Gravel Binder.

Whether you already have the stone in place and it is proving to be a nightmare with kids and dogs kicking it around (or eating it, yes that is a common reason given when purchasing) no worries you can retro fit over your existing pebbles....

Or if you want to create a brand new pathway, using Pour On is easy and the results will be amazing. Just head to our installation guide to see how easy it is to do. 



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Application couldn't be easier - you spread your stone, pour the resin and leave it overnight for the magic to happen. The next day you'll have an outdoor paving area ready for use.
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Get everything you need for your own resin bound paving project direct from us. We have your paving resin, crushed rock, decorative pebbles and drainage cell sub base layer - everything you need to build the best DIY permeable paving.
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