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Four Awesome Applications for Pour On That You Might Not Know

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23 Nov 2016  |  0 Comments


What is PourOn? The real question is why don't more people know about this wonder product?

PourOn is nothing less than your one-stop shop for easy-to-use, eco-friendly gravel blinding. When you find out how simple and functional it is, then finding Applications for Pour On is the easiest task in the world (well, almost as easy as using it!). Here are four examples for use to get you started:

  • Roof Tops: We get it, roof maintenance is always a chore. Fortunately, with PourOn it's never been easier. It will give you that sleek finish while also answering the age-old problem of pebbles getting in the away by binding them without affecting your water proofing!
  • Pathways: A person's home is their castle and castle paths deserve only the best. That's where PourOn comes in. With just this one product, you can make your paths look amazing while making them secure and separate from plants.
  • Large-scale Commercial: Why not dream a little bigger? PourOn can cover all your large-scale needs as well. Work with one or two other people and you can cover up to 1000m2 per day! To work out the details, don't hesitate to ask about your commercial needs on our site.
  • Decorative: Finally, sometimes after dreaming big dreaming small is just as good. PourOn can also provide that finishing touch and simply keep your plants or drainage channels looking nice!

Don't pour on the workload, just Pour On!


For any questions, you can consult our handy-dandy FAQ. If you still have comments or concerns, feel free to contact us. We're here to help and love hearing from you.

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  • This is our "magic rocks" as the kids call it...not only does it work well, and look great, but the texture is very theraputic on the soles of your feet!  Everyone has been amazed when we show them how fast the water is drained away. -Ed and Elaine Swarts

  • Thanks for your help over the phone and quick delivery. - Toni from Figtree Landscapes

  • Wow, this product is fantastic - well done guys! - Zoe, Balmain


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