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Diy-ers Dream!

Trish, a new mother in Sydney wanted to add a pathway to her front door.

She had the following requirements, the pathway had to be. 

  • in keeping with the federation style of the home
  • look natural and incorporate sandstone colours
  • be low maintenance and not easily picked up or kicked around by her children
  • Also be something she could do herself

Trish really like the look of sandstone, however the cost was a little over budget. She decided to combine the loose look gravel she also liked with the sandstone by placing the pavers as stepping stones, this reduced the amount of pavers required bringing the cost back within budget.

The pathway preparation began with excavation of the grass to a 200mm depth. Beautiful sand stone edges framed the pathway and the base was prepared with a 150mm of road-base compacted in two layers to ensure a stable surface ready to position the pavers and loose gravel.

The sand stone pavers were secured and the 10mm Cowra gold was laid around them at a 50mm depth.

The final stage - the Pour On! Firstly the sandstone pavers and edges were protected from and stray drips of the Pour On. Then Trish used a bucket with holes drilled in to ensure a even light coverage of the Pour On over the pebbles, as she applied the binder she took care to then smooth the pebbles down with a hand trowel to ensure a smooth close knit finish. The first Pour needed only 1kg of binder for each m2 of pebbles. Once complete and smoothed off, the bound stone is left to cure for 24 hours. By leaving the surface 24hours between pours you can easily identify any dry areas making the second coat more thorough. After the second Pour has been applied the job is complete.

Trish has complete the installation of a beautiful, low maintenance pathway which is child and dog friendly.

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