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  • Yes, but...

    It is not guaranteed as the system has not been designed for this kind of application. If you would like to use it for this method please request the pre mix resin grade. 

    Alternatively StoneSet supplies a full supply and installation system of porous and overlay paving which is covered by a 10 year guarantee and offers maximum longevity.

  • Yes, pretty much. The important criteria is that it is graded as a single sized stone between 6 and 20mm. We have used lots of gravel, crushed rock and recycled aggregates. Some recycled brick or very porous stone may require more resin, so monitor the surface once it has cured for any dry patches.

  • A driveway can be successfully created using Pour On resin. Three coats of resin totalling at least 3.4kg/m. is recommended as well as a maximum stone size of 10mm. Always allow a minimum of 72 hours for full curing to occur after the final coat of resin. Generally it is only recommended on a straight driveway with minimum turning, but it depends on the level of expectation and use.

  • The resin is designed in such a way that the top layer of resin will ‘burn’ off quite quickly returning the stone to its natural, but still bonded finish. StoneSet do supply a Gloss coat for the wet look.

  • The design life of the resin is in excess of 5 years. The life of the finished surface is dependant on the quality of installation, type of stone, level of use and base stability.

  • Once cured the resin is a completely inert material, meaning it is safe and has no negative impact to the surrounding areas. In fact by creating a porous surface it offers some great benefits in waterway pollution and stormwater management.

    In liquid form the resin should be handled with care and the safety data sheet should be read prior to use. Always wear gloves when handling and a mask when pouring resin. 

  • We sell the resin by the kg because it is an industry standard for purchasing the raw ingredients. The specific gravity of the resin is slightly different for the clear and amber resin.

    Clear Pour On has a specific gravity of 1.04 @ 25oC, so for every 1kg you will have 0.96ltr.

    Amber Pour On has a specific gravity of 1.15 @ 25oC, so for every 1kg you will have 0.87ltr.

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  • This is our "magic rocks" as the kids call it...not only does it work well, and look great, but the texture is very theraputic on the soles of your feet!  Everyone has been amazed when we show them how fast the water is drained away. -Ed and Elaine Swarts

  • Thanks for your help over the phone and quick delivery. - Toni from Figtree Landscapes

  • Wow, this product is fantastic - well done guys! - Zoe, Balmain


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