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Pebbles provide a great looking and functional finish for roof tops - there is one major problem, and that is those pebbles falling off the top of your multi storey building!

By using Pour On Gravel Binder it holds the pebbles together, no need for netting and it makes life pretty difficult for the birds to try and collect them. 

The Pour On Gravel Binder will not effect any water proofing and will maintain a porous surface perfect to retro fit on an existing or new pebble area. 

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  • This is our "magic rocks" as the kids call it...not only does it work well, and look great, but the texture is very theraputic on the soles of your feet!  Everyone has been amazed when we show them how fast the water is drained away. -Ed and Elaine Swarts

  • Thanks for your help over the phone and quick delivery. - Toni from Figtree Landscapes

  • Wow, this product is fantastic - well done guys! - Zoe, Balmain


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